Oftentimes when we hear or think of the word “big” it’s usually associated or affil with some large in stature/size. Such as buildings, ceilings, large animals and height. Today I want to give you a new revelation on this beautiful word. I want you to understand, no matter your height, size to always think big. Have a big heart, big dreams. Stop minimizing your success, goals and perhaps your personal existence. I challenge you to dream so big, to think so big that it surpasses your imagination and goes beyond the ⭐️, 🌙 and even the sky 🌌. Let go of small things such as your thinking or lack of, your dreams and goals and shoot for the inevitable. I see you at the top because i’m ✍️ my way into my destiny one 📚 at a time.

#IAMERIKATMOORE #thestarvingartistsmovement

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