Blessed Assurance

As far as I can remember; I’ve always witnessed the women in my life, to settle and compromise their well-being and happiness. Unaware, I developed the same patterns and replicated the behaviors that’s been displayed unto me. I remember marrying a man just like my father, abusive, verbally, physically and mentally. I also had a child from a man who is like my biological father, absent. The only difference between him and my biological father, is that my daughter knows what he looks like and how to find him, if she chooses. I write this, because it’s essential to your well-being to experience and build the foundation of “assurance “. We’re familiar with the hymn “Blessed Assurance “ but it’s a great asset knowing you have the assurance and love of God. Even though I’ve made so many mistakes, My Father, who art in Heaven, was with me all the way. He said, “He’ll never leave me, nor will he forsake me” as my biological father and the dad who raised me, did. I guarantee the assurance you have with God is better than amazing and everlasting.


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