The Truth About Forgiveness

The ugly truth about forgiveness is for the person to concede the opportunity to get even with the person who wronged them. Forgiveness isn’t for the violator, in fact, forgiveness is for the victims to be able to forgive the violator, so they’ll have a healthy and peaceful life. When you hold onto the pain, you’re now allowing toxicity to enter into your bod, mind and soul. It now consumes you and ultimately changes you for the worse. However; when you forgive, you are now being empowered, and can effectively contributes to the environment. You are now in control over you and your mindset. Forgiveness is never about the one whose wronged you. We must understand that we must forgive all who’ve trespassed against us as God forgives our trespasses against him. We are more powerful and victorious when we can give up the power to get even. Even though you’ll probably be justified but it gives your violator the power to continue to control you. Forgive and live in peace, knowing you are the better person.

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